We have recently installed MobileConnect; a WiFi based system that enables low-latency transmission of multi-channel audio to be streamed in real time to a smartphone or tablet.

You can download the MobileConnect App onto your smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for free.

MobileConnect allows you to use your smart phone with your own headphones to listen to both an enhanced version of the sound, and / or the audio description.

Because this App uses WIFI you can access the service anywhere in the auditorium.

When you are inside the Theatre, start the MobileConnect App, connect to the 'New Theatre Hearing Loop' and follow the instructions given by the App. If you have any question, our staff will be happy to assist you.

We also offer mobile devices here at the theatre which you are welcome to borrow to connect to MobileConnect.


Installing and using MobileConnect:

  • Open the AppStore or Play Store on your mobile device and search for Sennheiser MobileConnect
  • Install MobileConnect on your device
  • In your phone's settings, open your Wi-Fi connections and connect to the 'New Theatre Hearing Loop' Network
  • Open the MobileConnect App and plug headphones into your device
  • Select 'Audio Description', or, if required 'Hearing Loop & Audio Description'

The audio description will start ten minutes before the performance and you can tune in through MobileConnect on your device.

Please attract the attention of a member of our Front of House Staff if you require further assistance or support.