Ticketing Service Charge

You may not be aware that most of our ticket income - and in some cases all of it - is given over to show producers.  Therefore to enable us to continue a high quality and local Box Office service we have a Ticketing Service Charge.  The alternative to this would be to use an external ticket agency, however they will not be able to offer the same quality of service and would charge a higher booking fee.

The Ticketing Service Charge of £3.95 applies to most bookings by all payment methods, whether you book on the phone, online or in person.  The £3.95 is added to your total bill, not added per ticket.  We felt it important to make the application of this charge as clear as we are able and have kept its level as low as possible.  We are confident that this charge is lower than for most comparable venues.

To ensure that you pay the Ticketing Service Charge as infrequently as possible, we recommend that you book all of the tickets for all of the shows you wish to see in one go.  If your tickets come to more than £75, please consider using our Delayed Payment Scheme which will split your bill over 4 equal payments at no extra cost to you.  Details are available on our website or from the Box Office.

Exemptions to the Ticketing Service Charge are:
School party bookings
Standby / Student Special bookings
react bookings

Info sheet (pdf format)