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Two types of workshop are offered to schools and colleges for The Crucible - Insight Workshops and Theatre Factory Workshops. Insight Workshops enable your students to explore the play more deeply. Theatre Factory Workshops use The Crucible to look at the process of producing and staging a play. The times and dates of the Workshops will be confirmed by the show's producers, Sell a Door. To book an Insight Workshop or Theatre Factory Workshop please email

 Insight Workshops  lead students through exercises to explore the themes of the play. The workshop will take place at the New Theatre during the week of the performances. Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 students.The workshop costs £25 per 20 students plus a £50 one-off fee.

In the Theatre Factory Workshop, your students will meet three actors who in just one hour will be showcasing a monologue from the play to try and attract audiences to see the show. If they don't do a good job of it, the chances are, they won't have an audience. But the director, the producers, the technician and the designer have all gone AWOL. It's up to your students to save the show with a quick course in each of these disciplines, and create the most impact they can.

The directors…… will have to solve the mystery of 'the intention'. They must ask themselves what it is that the character wants from their audience (and indeed, who that audience represents), and how best to demonstrate that intention through their staging. With only one actor speaking, they must decide how to engage the audience, whilst best conveying their important message.

The technicians…… will be given a crash course in lighting and sound, and work with the directors to decide which effects best convey the atmosphere and themes of the scene. Working with a selection of sounds and lighting, will they go for a naturalistic portrayal, or experiment with the power of the senses?

The designers…… will be shown around a costume and props department, and have to decide which costume best suits the scene. Where and when are we? What is the status of the character? How can costume and/or props enhance a performance, and what can the audience gain from it?

The producers…… have the tricky task of making sure everything comes together. It is their job to keep communications flowing between the other three teams, and make sure everything runs on time. If there is an artistic disagreement, the producers must solve the problem, and get a great show out on time!

For the first twenty minutes, your students will be equipped with the necessary skills they need to perform their tasks, and have chance to come up with some possible ideas. They will then come back together to discuss their ideas and collaborate before making their final decisions on what direction to go in. They have just ten minutes to decide on a coherent vision! At the end of the hour, they will be able to see (and film) their final piece, before retiring to a classroom to present and assess what they have learnt and produced, and entering

The Theatre Factory Workshops will take place at the New Theatre and can accommodate between 20 - 30 students.The workshop costs £100 for 20 students or £150 for 30 students plus a £124 one-off fee.

The times and dates of the Workshops will be confirmed by the show's producers, Sell a Door.

To book an Insight or Theatre Factory Workshop please email