MobileConnect allows you to use your mobile phone or hearing aid to connect to audio described performances though the venue’s Wi-Fi. You can also tune in to a live relay of the show's audio.

The MobileConnect app is free to download through the AppStore or Play Store.

Listen to an audio version of the MobileConnect Instructions

Before you arrive

Install MobileConnect

Open the AppStore or Play Store on your mobile device and search for Sennheiser MobileConnect

Install MobileConnect on your device. You may need your App store or Play store password to hand in order to do this.

When you arrive

Bring your fully charged device with the latest version of the app installed and your own headphones, preferably wired headphones, to use in the venue.

Make sure that your data is switched off and your phone is on silent and in Airplane mode. On some devices you may need to sign into the network:

  1. Choose the 'sign into network' option
  2. Naviagate to the three dots on the top right of your device screen
  3. Select 'use this network as is'

Mobile Connect still works in Airplane mode and this ensures any mobile noise will not disturb others.

Using MobileConnect

When you are seated in the auditorium, open your phone’s settings and find your Wi-Fi connections. Connect to the ‘New Theatre, Mobile Connect’ Network.

Open the MobileConnect App and plug headphones into your device.
Select ‘Show Relay', Audio Description, or, if required ‘Show Relay and Audio Description’.

The audio description will start ten or fifteen minutes before the performance .Using MobileConnect you can tune in to hear notes about the set, characters and storyline on your device.

Please attract the attention of a member of our Front of House Staff if you require further assistance or support.